This car stereo is quickly becoming one of the most popular dual control consoles of 2022.

 "Ousmin A8 Pro will give you the ultimate value for money"

Ousmin A8 Pro

Pete's Story

"I have a 2015 Kia Sportage (gen III SL) and I've always wished I could get rid of this old car stereo, but my wallet didn't allow me to make the decision, so I never changed.

I checked out Pioneer and Sony car stereo but their prices put me off replacing it, but as I was about to finish surfing the web I accidentally came across another car stereo video and clicked on it.

When I opened their website I was stunned! I didn't expect a wireless version of the car stereo to be less than $200, I was very surprised and I started to worry about its quality, I asked their customer service I wanted to confirm the quality of their products, and then after their explanation (I have to say, their reply speed and reply results are very professional) I was convinced, and they said they support 30 days return, I didn't hesitate I did not hesitate to place an order."

Ousmin A8 Pro is not only cheap...

"The quality of the OUSMIN A8 Pro really exceeded my expectations, not at all like the quality of a product under $200, it's really good, and it's still wireless! His design is also very detailed, when I was installing it, I noticed that they have a connectors at the end of each cable , which meant I just had to pinch it tight after docking the wires and it would start working.

I really can't fault his bass and smooth operation, I love it so much! I'd definitely recommend my close friends to use this as well, it's really great, highly recommended!"

User-friendly solutions designed to improve your quality of life

"I have been using Ousmin's car audio for over 7 months now and I love my A8 Pro, he is so smooth and he has really improved my quality of life and saved my wallet and time. What is my favorite feature?

The physical buttons and volume knob make it easier to change things without having to look at it while driving, like changing tracks, volume, etc.

It functions as a branded alternative to what you'd pay £500+ for and in some cases it does a better job than companies like JVC and Pioneer."

Thinking about adding car audio to your car? See what this professional blogger has to say

Saab Unleashed 

"This is not an android host, it has android auto and apple carplay, which will be direct competition for products like Sony, Pioneer, etc."

The control of details is the improvement of the quality of life

If you were in CarPlay last time the car was used, it will jump straight back into it as soon as it detects your phone a few seconds after switching on.
"As a first time buyer, I was very happy with my purchase from the moment I powered it up. Many car stereo's can't do this and require manual connection by hand every time, it has the same features as the big names and is very convenient."

"This stereo comes with an external microphone which is much higher quality than the built in microphones you get in other stereos. I wired mine up to the panel behind my steering wheel and haven't had an issue with not being heard by Siri/on the phone. The fitting is a standard 3.5mm jack plug, so you can upgrade to a higher quality one if you like."

"the plastic on the front of the unit doesn't feel glossy, tacky and cheap like some. The volume knob has a nice clickiness to it and is a welcomed quality of life / safety feature, especially for when you're driving. You can also press the volume button in to activate Siri/Google Assist. The buttons on the front are quite stiff but they do feel good quality and don't rock around when pressed."

The car stereo solution for everyone

There is no need to purchase any additional cables to install the A8 Pro, which greatly reduces the difficulty of installation, just simply connect the cable sent with the A8 Pro to the cable on the car and it works perfectly.

"I just love my Ousmin A8 Pro, everything about it gives me peace of mind and has greatly improved my quality of life, I also really like their after sales service, it gives me peace of mind to have my questions answered whenever I have them" says Pete.

"The Ousmin A8 Pro is very easy to install and with the dual din units, it fits my vehicle perfectly" Saab Unleashed said

So whether you are a professional, a non-professional, a car enthusiast, someone who wants quality products and services at a lower price, a big car driver, a small car driver or an individual who just wants to improve the quality of life and save time, the Ousmin A8 Pro has something to suit your lifestyle.

What are the most common conditions encountered because of car stereo failure?

Many families in the use of car stereo process will encounter many problems, here is a list of some of the more common problems.
1. No sound or sound distortion of the speakers
2. Music Lacks Treble Or Bass
3.Sound Suddenly Cuts Off
4. Car Stereo Becomes Too Hot
5. Bluetooth calls will be intermittent after a long time

Can Ousmin A8 Pro solve it?

1. Using 2 core cortex-A9 800MHz, the response speed is more than 2 times faster than the ordinary processing speed.
2. Metal sheet heat dissipation treatment, no fear of high temperature 3. physical buttons + touch function + Wireless Android Auto/Carplay, meet different needs
4. Using analog signal makes Bluetooth connection stable and continuous
5. Audio with equalizer, can be adjusted at will

Why choose Ousmin A8 Pro?

This car stereo is quickly becoming one of the most popular dual control consoles of 2022.

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