Review of Ousmin A8 Pro - Wireless Android Auto & Apple CarPlay

Reviewed by@Saab Unleashed

Today's video review of osmin.

Ousmin A8 Pro

Ousmin A8 Pro has Android Auto and Apple carplay, while others touch screen radio only have wired Apple Carplay and Android auto unless you spend a lot of money.

It's pretty nice and I'm impressed with it, and the reason I'm impressed is that it comes in the standard form factor of double din touch screen, just like standard big brand double din car radio hosts, it's not oversized, which would make it very easy for me to install.

double din radio with navigation

The physical buttons on the left side of this are very nice, made with a textured volume knob, which I felt was real quality, and then there is a small flip cover that also has a USB port.

touch screen car stereo with bluetooth

And then on the other side back, now there's the standard iso input, which is cool, that means it will plug right in here, so no extra wiring, next to a microphone input, instead of giving you all the adapters with wires like most other hosts do, you just plug everything right in here, so there's a lot of ports, there's a front camera input, four front output channels, there's a subwoofer output, there's a reverse camera that can also be placed in the headrest at the back of the car, then you have two video outputs to the rear monitor, then you have an auxiliary input, video, and audio inputs, and finally you have an antenna input and now they can work.

double din car radio

It also comes with a remote control that has volume control and some other functions for your passenger or your friend that's sitting in the back seat watching something on the screen and they can use the remote to control the car, they also include an external microphone for Bluetooth hands-free so that's nice.

Ousmin A8 Pro

Let's install it in the car, it's a standard double din unit which means it slides right into the frame of the car and they even provide baffles that wrap around it, so it looks nice.

Power it up and take a look and you'll see the autoplay entertainment system logo appear here and then the display shows radio/car play/Android auto/A2DP along with the time and date.

double din touch screen

Now it has connected to my phone via Bluetooth, it is completely wireless, comes with android auto and apple car play wireless, it works fine so I can access my tracklist, I can use Waze or google maps, I can look at any app from android auto, which is cool.

touch screens for cars

Let's try apple car play, let's exit my android phone and I will connect my iPhone and access Spotify, google maps, anything I want can be accessed completely wirelessly.

radio touch screen

I press the on-screen equalizer, which allows me to control the audio fade in and fade out and balance, and will also give me an eight-band graphic equalizer, which sounds good for a carpal at this price point.

radio touch screen for car

Pressing the textured volume knob also allows you to talk directly to Siri, and if you're using android auto, you'll talk to Google, which gives you voice control, and yes, I think it's very cool wireless Carplay.



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