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Sometimes improper installation or operation can easily cause the car radio not working properly. Below we list the common problems reported by customers and the corresponding troubleshooting and solutions.

Common Problems & Simple Troubleshooting 

-Ousmin Car Audio


1)Unable to boot normally

Reason for not booting:

1. If only two of the three colored lines of yellow, red, and black are connected, the car stereo will not start. It should be that the yellow line is connected to the positive pole, the red line to the key control line, and the black line to the negative pole. The car radio would be not booted if the lines were not all connected or connected incorrectly.

2. The original car line and unit wiring can not be connected to the color, the color of the original car line is not standard, if you connect like that it can not only be turned on but also may burn.

3. The original car plug can't be plugged directly into the new unit, even if it just plugs in, it can't be used, otherwise, it won't be turned on or burned.

4. The 3 wires are connected right, but it does not boot. Check if the fuse on the yellow line is broken. If there is no problem with the fuse, twist the yellow and red wires together. Turn on the key and press the unit's power button to see if it can be turned on.

5. Every time you change the fuse, it burns. Please don't change it again. The reason is that when you first connect the positive and negative poles, the protection circuit of the unit is short-circuited. The unit can be repaired under the guidance of our master. No basis can only be returned to the after-sales or new unit. If these are no problem, or also don't boot, please make the final step to confirm, find a 12V battery or 12V power supply "yellow" and "red" twist together with the positive, black to the negative pole, press the button check if it can boot or not. If you can boot, it showed that the original car line is not right connected, or there is a problem with the car Une. If it can't be booted, the unit is broken. Do not boot the unit, check the line carefully, do not blindly suspect the unit problem.


2) Automatic shut-down

Automatic shutdown usually has the following conditions:

1. The cable error connects: If the blue cable (automatic antenna power supply) is connected to the power cable of the unit, an automatic shutdown will occur. Please follow the correct wiring method to solve the problem.

2. The voltage is unstable: please find a 12V-5A which is the power supply and retest to see if it will automatically shut down. If it does not automatically shut down after the test, please replace the power supply. If it will automatically shut down, it is problem with the unit.


3) Having noise

The general situation of noise is caused by two reasons:

1. The original speaker power is too small. When the volume of the unit is turned up, there will be noise.
Solution: When replacing the speaker or listening to the song, the volume should not be too large.

2. The speaker cable is grounded.
Solution: Take the iron speaker cable. Directly connected to the speaker cable of the unit.


4) Remote control cannot be used

Check if the battery of the remote control has power:

Test method: Turn on the camera of the mobile phone and align the light of the remote control, then press the button of the remote control to see if the phone will light up.

If it is not lit, there will be no power. Replace the battery; If it is lit, there is electricity, which proves that there is no problem with the remote control.


5) Settings can not be saved ( no memory)

There is no memory function, there is only 2 points in memory:

1. The yellow line and the red line are connected (separate yellow to positive, red to key control).

2. Yellow and red are reversed (just change position).


6) Car audio with Bluetooth but it can't work

Check the phone to see if you can search for the unit code:

Operation steps: turn on the unit, use the phone Bluetooth search, search for CAR-BT, then click the connection, after connecting, you can answer the phone or Bluetooth to play the song.

PIN Code: 0000


7) The product smoke has proved that the internal circuit has been burned.

Changing the insurance FUSE can not solve the problem.

In this case, the unit needs to be repaired.


8) How to adjust the sound, where is the equalizer set, the sound can not be adjusted.

1. Adjust the sound: please turn the volume to adjust.

2. Equalizer settings: In general, press the volume knob to display the equalizer SEL, and rotate the volume button to adjust each sound effect.

3. The sound cannot be adjusted:
a> Please reset the unit or unplug the power cord and plug it in.
b>Maybe the volume knob on the car radio is not working & broken, please replace the knob.


9) No display of reversing video

1. Connect the wrong Une or less wiring.

Camera connection method:

a> The first step is to find accessories (accessory: one camera + one power cord +one video cable).

b> The second step is to find the port of the wiring.
First, find the reverse control line on the power line of the unit. The control line is a pink line or brown line, connect this Une to the positive pole of 12V and the screen will turn blue. And then find the back of the unit the CAME video input interface, find the positive and negative of the backup light.

c>The third step is to connect: there are two sockets on the camera: the red socket is connected to the power cable, the yellow is inserted into the video cable, the red wire of the power cable and the wire of the video cable is screwed together on the positive pole of the reverse lamp, and the black wire of the power cable is not used, connected, the other end of the video cable is connected to the CAME video input interface on the back of the unit. The red line coming out of the video line is connected to the reversing control line of the power line.

2. The camera is broken. If the lamp that is properly wired to the camera is not lit, it would be a broken one, and please replace it with a new one.


10) USB flash disk can not be played, the card slot does not enter the card?

1. USB flash disk can not play:
Format the USB flash disk, and the file system is selected as FAT32, re-download one or two songs and try again. If it still doesn't work, please replace the USB flash drive.

2. The card slot does not enter the card:
Check whether the memory card is inserted, the plug is broken.


11) FM does not receive the radio station

Can not receive the radio station, check the 2 points:

1. The antenna plug is not fully inserted, the antenna is disconnected or the line is disconnected.

2. Search channel, hold AMS does not let go for 2 seconds. The unit will automatically search or press the up and down button to perform a channel search.

If it still can not be solved after trying the above 2 solutions, please unplug the antenna plug and use a screwdriver or a metal strip to insert it instead of the antenna.


12) There is no sound right after installation

Dear customers, the unit has been tested before shipment. If there is no sound, it is usually a wiring error or the original car speaker wire is short-circuited with iron.

According to the steps to check it.

1. Check if the speaker cable is short-circuited and connected. Please reconnect if you have any short circuits.

2. Check how many speaker cables are according to the original speaker cable if there are only 2 speaker cables to prove that the original car line does not match our unit, you need to reroute the original car line. One speaker must lead to 2 speaker wires, and two speakers must have 4 speaker cables available.

13) There is no sound after a while

Disconnect all the speaker cables from the unit (do not remove them), and then find an external speaker to receive the gray and purple of the tail line of the unit. Green any group, and then try to see if there is any sound. If there is a sound, it is proved that the car/s speaker Une is short-circuited with iron or the speaker is damaged. If there is no sound, the unit is broken.


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