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What is RDS?

Radio Data System (RDS) is a communications protocol standard for embedding small amounts of additional digital information in traditional FM radio broadcasts. RDS standardizes several types of additional information that are transmitted, including time, station identification, and program information.

Although the system was first developed and used in Europe, RDS has taken the world by storm because of its advantages. Today, almost all radios use radio data systems, especially car radios.

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How does RDS radio work?

In simple terms, RDS is encoded by FM radio stations into 57 kHz sub-carriers. If your radio supports RDS technology, it will receive this signal and decode it, giving you all the features.

--For all the additional information that RDS radio can provide(PI, PS, RT, CT, AF, PTY, TP, TA, etc ), please refer to the Wikipedia entry Radio Data System, which lists the specific functions of each feature in detail.

What does RDS mean on a car radio? And the benefits of using an RDS Radio?

RDS is standard on most car radios today. RDS allows your radio to receive additional information about traffic or others from radio stations. The benefits it brings are particularly applicable to drivers who drive long distances.

When you listen to the FM radio, the RDS enables FM radio stations to send additional information along with the regular program signals. This means that as a radio listener, you can also get more useful information:

1) You can see the current time, station information (station name, the name of the program currently playing, and the name of the artist), etc., not just the frequency that the station shows in your car.

2) You can search radio stations by your favorite categories such as rock, jazz, classical, rhythm and blues, talk, news, sports, etc.

3)You can get traffic announcements while listening to anything else.

4) You can access emergency information about accidents, natural disasters.

5) You no longer need to manually set the date and time. The CT feature will do it for you.

6) In addition to this, when the car moves from one transmitter's service area to the next, the radio automatically retunes to the nearest similar transmitter. As a result, the driver no longer needs to do this work manually, which is very convenient for drivers on long journeys.

Note: Not all FM radio stations offer RDS service, nor do they offer the same type of service. In fact, there are more than 700 radio stations in the United States, most of which are located in major metropolitan markets, that now regularly broadcast RDS information. 


OUSMIN car radio include all RDS features, so you can get all additional information!
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How do I turn on RDS on my radio?

Every car and every radio has a different way to turn the RDS on or off. If you still have the user manual, we recommend that you consult the user manual first. If you no longer have it, try looking it up on a forum specific to your model, or ask a mechanic.

We show how to turn RDS on or off on the OUSMIN A8 car radio here:


The RADIO function shows User Interface (UI) gadgets for common Radio Data Service (RDS) features
  • AF
  • TA
  • PTY
When shipped from the factory, the RDS features are disabled. To enable the RDS features, you must navigate to:

Settings > Factory > Setting > RDS (On/Off)

And, The Factory > Setting menu is protected by a six-digit passcode: 123456.

ousmin-a8-pro-settings-rds-2Settings > Factory
ousmin-a8-pro-settings-rds-3Settings > Factory > Setting (passcode protected)
Enter the passcode: 123456
Settings > Factory > Setting

  • Tap the slider icon to turn on the RDS feature.


If have any more issues, please feel free to contact Ousmin team.

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