OUSMIN Installation Video

We will show you the whole process of car stereo installation in great detail through animation, and will help you understand it in the form of text.

Step 1: Removal of decorative panels

Step 2: Remove the old radio(*Note: Unplug all the wire harnesses)

Step 3: USB cable installation+MIC cable installation+Reversing camera wire installation(*Note: The original car has a reversing camera line that does not need to be retrofitted)

Step 4: wiring(*Note: No need to cut the wire if you have purchased a specialized car wiring harness.

Make sure to cut each wire individually,
Don't cut the harness meanwhile to prevent
short circuit)

Step 5: Install the fixed car bracket(Please select the bracket to be installed
according to the interior structure of the car)

Step 6: Connect the wiring
harness to the car machine

Step 7: Installing the Host

Step 8: Install Outer installation frame
(individual models do not need to be installed)

Step 9: Install the decorative board

Step 10: Install the MIC

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