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Thanks for your interest in our OUSMIN A8 PRO car stereo, although the A8 PRO is suitable for most cars, we still recommend that you check the following fit guide before purchasing.

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Ousmin A8 Pro Car Stereo Fit Guide

1. The size of the radio is Standard 7 inch (7*5.2*3.9inch). As the size of the front panel part varies from car to car, so please check if the outline size of your car's center console is appropriate before buying!

2. We come with a standard installation kit:
-Power harness
-4*48W audio wiring harness
-Microphone/remote control/instructions

If it does not fit your dashboard perfectly, you may need to purchase an additional dashboard kit for your car. You can find the correct aftermarket accessories by searching for the year, brand and model of the vehicle on Amazon or Google.
Here recommend some website:,,, etc.

3. The voltage of the car stereo is 12V. Please make sure the power supply voltage of your car is not exceed 12V. It cannot be used on cars with a voltage exceeding 14V. Pay attention to trucks and off-road vehicles, because their voltage usually exceeds 14V.
Solution: Use a buck conversion cable/adapter (contact us and we will send it to you)

Here is the installation of OUSMIN A8 PRO video:

If you have other questions, please contact us by email:, Or facebook @ousmin

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