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Stable, Smoother

2-Core CPU, 800MHZ 2x faster than normal car stereo. With this processing speed




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Stable & Reliable

More stable LINUX system / Wireless system / High-Performance 2-Core CPU /
Personalized Audio Modules / Exquisite Design


Steering Wheel Controls

Steering Wheel Controls

Connect Key1, key2 to use, More efficient solutions

Powerful performance


Wireless system

Wireless system

A Double-DIN car stereo is dual connected via wireless wifi and bluetooth, without cables, Brings flexibility and convenience to your driving.

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Car multimedia using TDA7851 modules with immersive experience and 360-degree sound. including pop, classical, rock and jazz multiple sound settings. Maximum output power: 4 x 48 W/4Ω

Car stereo adopting more advanced 2-core Cortex-A9 800MHZ, 2x faster than normal car stereo. With this processing speed, OUSMIN car stereo can respond quickly to task and process information more efficiently.

[Wireless Carplay & Android Auto]: Via bluetooth and wifi connect your iPhone / Android phone and easily access apps directly on the head unit screen including GPS navigation, messaging, music, calls, voice.

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